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Spring is Here

Time to start preparing

The cold weather has taken its toll. Cracked and broken shingles, skylights leak, damaged sidewalks, parking lots and numerous other problems that are associated with cold weather. Winter is over and as the weather warms up; it’s the right time to start restoring. It is tempting to think of spring as an end to all our troubles. In reality it is far from the truth. Spring brings its own set of challenges. Our properties are susceptible to damages during spring, and preventative measures should be taken.

During spring it’s important to make sure that the roof and gutters are ready for the seasonal showers to prevent leaks from occurring. Leakage can lead to bigger problems which can be very costly at times. As a preventative measure, repair any cracks in the roof and clean out the gutters to allow the rainwater to drain. Repair damaged concrete areas before the weather gets hot and dry. Summer is the worst time to do these repairs. The chemical reaction in concrete is more potent when the weather is cool and damp. Good conditions allows for more crystals to be formed, making the bond stronger.[1] Before summer comes it is recommended that you check the central air conditioning system as well and make sure that it is up to the task of cooling the facility.

Finally let’s not forget about the lawn. Aeration is important if you want your lawn to have greener grass. It allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots to grow deeper and the result is a greener and more vibrant lawn. If you’re going to aerate your lawn, it is recommended that you use plug aeration technique. It is considered the most effective way of getting water and nutrients to the roots. Plug aerators cannot be used if the ground is too hard. It is necessary to wet the earth before you aerate.

Facility Network is now providing landscape maintenance services throughout Ontario. All services provided by Facility Network are fully insured. Whether you have one building or multiple facilities, Facility Network is able to get the job done professionally, quick and cost effectively.