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Cost Savings through Strategic Use of General Maintenance Technicians

The Challenge

A renowned Canadian hotel chain with more than 200 properties spread across the country faced a pressing issue of escalating maintenance costs. They grappled with considerable expenses, even for minor repairs and upkeep tasks that didn’t necessarily warrant the skills of a licensed trade. The necessity was to rein in these costs without compromising their rigorous maintenance standards.

The Facility Network Solution

In response to this challenge, Facility Network proposed a resourceful resolution – the strategic use of our General Maintenance Technicians (GMTs) or Handymen.

Efficient Resource Utilization:

Recognizing that not all tasks need the intervention of licensed trades, we engaged our GMTs to undertake smaller-scale repairs and general maintenance tasks. Our versatile GMTs competently addressed a variety of jobs, such as repairing fixtures, painting, patching drywall, and performing other routine upkeep tasks.


Our GMTs handled non-specialized tasks at a significantly lower cost than licensed trades, resulting in considerable cost savings for the hotel chain.

Quality Assurance:

All our GMTs are rigorously screened for their experience, problem-solving capabilities, professionalism, and integrity. This ensures a high level of service quality and reliability.

Expert Consultation:

Facility Network’s vast industry experience and subject matter expertise guided the client on when to utilize a licensed trade versus a GMT, offering further cost savings and maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Outcome

The strategic use of our GMTs in the hotel chain’s maintenance strategy led to a dramatic reduction in their maintenance costs. The client lauded the versatility and efficiency of our GMTs, and the impressive cost savings they facilitated without sacrificing service quality.
By employing GMTs for non-specialized tasks, the hotel chain was able to reduce their maintenance costs by an estimated 35%. This significant savings had a positive impact on their bottom line, leading the client to recognize Facility Network’s solution as a game-changer in their maintenance operations.
At Facility Network, we understand your maintenance needs and offer tailored solutions for optimal cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to learn how we can bring expert, cost-saving solutions to your business.

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